Shawn Unger

Student, University of Toronto

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About Shawn Unger:

Shawn Unger is a current 4th-year student at the University of Toronto, completing a triple Major in Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. Shawn has worked at a variety of jobs, from a research assistant at the University economics department, to banking and consulting work, to bartending. He can program in multiple languages, including R, Python, SQL, and VBA, speaks fluently in Russian and Hebrew, and has practiced over half a dozen martial arts. 

Check out some papers and software that I have been developing Here


  1. Course Work (Fall Semester 2017): Topology, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Probability Theory
  2. Course Work (Winter Semester 2018): Reall Analysis, Complex Analysis 2,  Abstract Algebra, Stochastic Processes
  3. Undergraduate Thesis: Applied Game Theory in US Equity Market between Index Providers and Market Players
  4. Languages:
    1. Fluent/Native in English, Russian, Hebrew (can not write in Russian)
    2. Learning: German (hobby)
  5. Coach at University of Toronto Boxing Club


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