Summer 2017:

Math Aid Centre:

The UofT Mathematics Department’s Math Aid Centre will be holding (from May 17, 2017 – August 10, 2017) two sessions each week for the Summer 2017 academic session: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4-6PM in PG101. These hours are specifically oriented to help students in the following courses: MAT133, MAT135, MAT136, MAT137, MAT138, MAT223, MAT224, MAT235, MAT237, MAT244 & MAT246 (I.e., all 1st & 2nd-year courses offered over the summer). Additionally, course instructors may set up course-specific TA office hours; for these hours, please check your course’s syllabus / announcements on Blackboard. Furthermore, time permitting, I will likely be able to answer questions you might have regarding APM346, APM462, MAT301 & MAT334 course content as well.

If there are any changes regarding the Math Aid Centre’s hours, or additional sessions are made available (for example, hours during exam writing periods), I’ll make sure to update as such on this webpage.



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