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If you were redirected here to find out information about the Math Aid Centre during the 2017 fall semester, please note that the below information for the MAC is outdated. If you’re looking for TA office hours for your course, and it has not yet been published in your course syllabus or Blackboard, I would advise you ask your professor at the end of class for this information. To my knowledge, all 1st and 2nd-year classes have such hours and they usually start on the week of Sept 18th. If you are looking for just general math help from the Math Aid Centre, I, unfortunately, do not yet know when these hours will be. I will link the relevant information for these hours once I find out myself.

Fall 2017:


I am TAing MAT334 – Complex Variable – during the 2017 Fall Semester. I will be using this webpage to share supplemental material for my two Tutorials: TUT0101 (GB303, Tuesdays 1-2PM) and TUT0301 (BA1240, Wednesdays 1-2PM).

September 19/20th, 2017: Tutorial Notes 1

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