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Fall 2017: MAT334

I am TAing MAT334: Complex Variables during the 2017 Fall Semester. This web-page will be used to share supplemental material for my two Tutorials: TUT0101 (GB303, Tuesdays 1-2PM) and TUT0301 (BA1240, Wednesdays 1-2PM).

September 19/20th, 2017: Tutorial Notes 1

September 26/27th, 2017: Tutorial Notes 2

September 31st/October 1st, 2017: Link to an External Reference on Branch Points & Branch Cuts (for further understanding & practice)

October 7/8th, 2017: Link to External Reference on Proof for Converting the Cartesian Cauchy Riemann Equations into Polar (And why not also convert Laplace’s Equation to Polar?).

October 17/18th & 24/25th, 2017: Tutorial Notes 5/6

A Quick Note on The Order of Zeros & A good second example

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